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Busch Gardens Tampa – Morocco: Introduction

Morocco is your first stop in the park, so some of the available space is given over to housekeeping. Here you’ll find Guest Relations and the Adventure Tour Center, where you can make arrangements for the special tours described at the end of this chapter. Just around the corner to your right is the stroller and wheelchair rental concession. Since Morocco is also the exit to the park, a fair amount of space is given to souvenir and other shops, the better to lure those on the way out.


Note: On especially busy days, they open the Nairobi Gate, which is directly to the right of where the parking lot tram drops off new arrivals. This entrance lets visitors into the park at a point about equidistant from Nairobi, Cheetah Hunt and Morocco.

Otherwise, the main business of Morocco is stage shows of one sort or another. There are two theaters (reviewed below) and an alligator pond, where several times a day a Meet The Keepers show takes place. It’s a zoologically correct version of the more popularized shows you get at Gatorland and other gator-themed attractions. A raised platform called the Sultan’s Tent hosts photo ops with animals during busier times.

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