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Universal Orlando – When To Come


There are three major questions you must ask yourself when planning a visit to Universal Orlando: How crowded will it be? What will the weather be like? When will my schedule allow me to go? For most people, the third question will determine when they go, regardless of the answers to the other two. The dictates of business or the carved-in-stone school calendar will tend to dictate when you come to Orlando. For those who can be flexible, however, carefully picking the time of your visit will offer a number of benefits. And parents should bear in mind that school officials will often allow kids out of classes for a week if you ask nicely.

During slow periods, the crowds at Orlando's major theme parks are noticeably thinner than they are at the height of the summer or during the madness of Christmas week. On top of that, hotel rates are substantially lower and airfare deals abound. Likewise, Orlando in winter can seem positively balmy to those from the North, although it's unlikely you will find the temperature conducive to swimming (except in heated pools). Spring and fall temperatures are close to ideal.

Let's take a look at these two variables: the tourist traffic and the weather. Then you can make a determination as to which dates will offer your ideal Orlando vacation.

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