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Universal Orlando – A Note On Costs


Let’s face it, visiting a theme park resort destination is not precisely a budget vacation,and Universal Orlando is no exception. A three-day visit by a typical family of four will cost over $650 in admissions alone. Of course, compared to other forms of entertainment, Universal Orlando offers excellent value for the dollar, as most people will agree.

Nonetheless, most of us must keep an eye on how much money we are spending, so throughout the book you will be given a quick idea of how much things like restaurants and hotels cost using dollar signs. Unless otherwise noted, all listed prices from here on in are before tax (except alcohol, which is always priced tax-inclusive).

For restaurants, estimates are for an average meal, without alcoholic beverages. In the case of full-service restaurants, estimates are based on a "full" meal consisting of an appetizer or salad, an entree, and dessert. At the end of the book, in Chapter Six, you will find a list of hotels that are off Universal's property but convenient to the parks. Hotel estimates are based on one night's stay in a double room. The cost rankings are as follows:

Under $15
Under $100
$15 - $25
$100 - $150
$25 - $40
$150 - $200
Over $40
Over $200

As for fast-food prices, you don't have to worry about comparison shopping within the parks; a soda or popcorn should cost the same no matter which cart or window you buy from. (The exceptions are higher prices at some third-party franchises like Starbucks, and at specialty eateries in the Harry Potter and Simpsons areas). Rather than repeat prices in the following chapters, here is a sampling of standard costs for quick-service comestibles:

Cheeseburger & fries: $6.99/ +bacon $0.75
Chicken Caesar Salad: $8.49 Hot dog & chips: $7.59/chili dog & fries $8.49
Turkey Leg & Chips: $11.99
Deli Sandwich: $8.99/Soup & sandwich $9.99
Meatball Sub: $7.49
Pasta: $6.99/ with meatballs: $8.49
French Fries: $2.99
Chicken Fingers or Wrap w/ fries: $8.29
Chili Cheese Fries: $3.79
Fried Chicken platter or Fish & Chips: $8.99
Onion Rings: $3.69
Pizza: $5.49 slice/ $6.99 personal/ $28.99 pie
Side Salad or Soup: $3.49
Rib Meal: $14.99/Rotisserie Chicken: $10.99
Corn on the Cob: $3.49 Soda: $2.69 22 oz/ $2.99 32 oz/ $8.99 souvenir
Bottled Water: $2.75
Hot Tea/ Coffee/ Hot Chocolate: $2.29
Bottled Juice: $1.99
Milkshake: $3.19 14 oz/ $4.29 20 oz
Pretzel or Churro: $2.99
Popcorn: $3.49 reg/ $5.49 souvenir/ $0.99 refill
Novelty Ice Cream: $3.50
Frozen Slush: $3.75 virgin/ $7.75 alcoholic
Fruit Cup: $3.39
Soft Serve: $3.49 cup/ $4.49 Waffle cone Ice Cream Float: $4.19
Draft Domestic Beer: $6 20 oz/ $8 pilsner Wine: $6 glass
Pastries and Cakes: $2.49 to $4.89
Brownie: $2.79
Dippin' Dots: $4.89 reg/ $5.99 large
Funnel Cake: $5.29

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