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Universal Orlando – Good Things To Know About . . .

Here are some general notes that apply to both of the theme parks at Universal Orlando. Notes that are specific to the individual parks are included in the appropriate chapter.

Access for the Disabled
Universal Orlando makes a special effort for its disabled guests. (In fact, you are likely to see disabled people among the staff at the parks.) Special viewing areas are set aside at most shows; there are even kennels for guide dogs that cannot accompany their masters on some rides.

Wheelchairs can be rented in the Hub (see above under Parking), as well as inside the parks, for $12 per day. Electric convenience vehicles (ECV) can be rented just inside the entrances to both parks; the rate is $50 per day. For either, you must provide a $50 cash deposit or credit card imprint, and a signed rental contract. A one-week advance reservation is recommended for ECVs, which tend to sell out quickly. Call (407) 224-4233 to make reservations at either park.

Tip: You can rent a wheelchair at the Hub (near the parking garages) and then "upgrade" to an ECV once you reach the park. When you return the ECV, you will have a wheelchair waiting for the trip back to the Hub.

If you think being a performer at Universal Orlando would be a lot of fun, you are not alone. To whet your appetite, check out the Universal Audition Hotline at (407) 224-7622 of visit universalauditions.com, where they announce upcoming tryouts and give details on exactly what they're looking for. Who knows, this could be your big break.

Little ones under three are admitted free and strollers are available for rent if you don't have your own. There are also diaper changing stations in all the major restrooms (men's and women's) and nursing facilities at First Aid. But that's as far as it goes. Make sure you have an adequate supply of diapers, formula, and baby food before you head for the park. Strollers and "kiddie cars" can be rented just inside the entrances of both parks. Single strollers are $15 per day and doubles are $25; single kiddie cars are $18, doubles are $28.

Baby "Swaps"
All rides can accommodate parents whose little ones are too small to ride. One parent rides, while the other waits in a holding area with the child. Then the parents switch off and the second parent rides without a second wait in line. It's a great system, and works just as well for timid older children.

Rides break down. They are highly complex mechanical wonders and are subjected to a great deal of stress. Some mechanical failure is inevitable. If you are on a ride when it breaks down, you may receive a pass that will give you priority access to the ride once it's working again.

Car Trouble
If you return to your car and find the battery dead, Universal will give you a free jump start. Raise the hood to alert the attendants. If the problem is more serious, they will help you get help.

Universal Orlando provides beer at outdoor stands and in all sit-down restaurants and at many fast-food outlets as well. Wine is also available. Hard liquor is served at many restaurants and at walk-up windows in CityWalk, and booze flows freely inside the parks during Halloween and Mardi Gras events. The legal drinking age in Florida is 21 and photo IDs will be requested of anyone appearing 30 or younger. Try to feel flattered rather than annoyed. Although you can drink as you stroll about, taking alcoholic beverages through the turnstiles as you leave the parks is not allowed.

As a general rule, the moment something goes amiss, speak with the nearest Universal employee (and one won't be far away). They will contact security or medical assistance.
First Aid. Each park has two first aid stations. See the chapters on the individual parks for information on locations.
Lost Children. It happens all the time, and there's a good chance an alert employee will have spotted your wandering child before you notice he or she is gone. Rather than frantically search on your own, contact an employee. Found kids are escorted to Guest Services and entertained until their parents can be located.
Lost Property. Go to Lost & Found on the Front Lot at Universal Studios Florida or in the Port of Entry at Islands of Adventure and report any loss as soon as you notice it. The Guest Services window in CityWalk also has a lost and found section. Be prepared to provide as accurate a description as possible. Universal has an excellent track record for recovering the seemingly unrecoverable.


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