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Notes and Comments on Universal Express (FOTL)


You may sometimes hear Universal Express Plus referred to as "Front of the Line" or FOTL. Some people mistakenly take this to mean that they will quite literally be placed on the ride ahead of everybody else who is waiting. Not so. In effect, you are placed on a separate, shorter queue. You will experience a short wait, at least at peak times. The official word is that it will be no more than 15 minutes although at peak times it can be longer. Usually it is much less. Of course, rules and policies may change, so check with Guest Services or your resort hotel concierge for exceptions and restrictions at the time of your visit.

Not all rides accept Universal Express Plus. Certain popular rides (namely Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey) are currently excluded, as is the low-capacity attraction Pteranodon Flyers. Universal Express Plus does not give you priority access into the Wizarding World area when entrances are limited due to capacity. The rides and attractions that do accept it will be indicated by the Universal Express Plus logo on the map you pick up when you enter the theme parks.

Tip: There is actually a downside to Universal Express Plus on some rides like Revenge of the Mummy, Men In Black, and Dragon Challenge. Because you miss the queue line, you miss the setup for the ride's story line. Consequently, you don't experience the ride at its fullest. So our advice is to try using the Universal Express Plus system only after you have experienced these rides at least once.

Universal Express Plus is not the only way to jump to the front of the line. A few rides in each park offer "single rider lines" that can cut your waiting time dramatically. These are indicated in the Good Things To Know About... sections of Chapters Two and Three.

If you are seriously considering popping for these passes, pause for a moment to consider this: If there are three people in your party and Universal Express Plus costs $40, that's a $120 daily investment. That could be more than the difference between a night's stay at an on-site resort and what you're already paying to stay elsewhere. Remember that a one-night stay at an on-site resort gives you two days of free front of the line access!

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