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Universal Orlando – Arriving at Universal Orlando


From your parking space, you will walk to the nearest of a series of escalators and moving sidewalks that will funnel you to "the Hub," a large circular space on the third level with access from both parking structures and from the bus station. In the Hub, you can rent a wheelchair ($12), but not strollers or electric convenience vehicles. For those, you'll have to wait until you reach the theme parks. The Hub also has restrooms and a few vending kiosks if you just can't wait to get that Universal T-shirt or hotdog.

Tip: You can rent a wheelchair here and then "upgrade" to an ECV once you reach the park. From the Hub, after an efficient security check (have your bags open for inspection) it's a straight shot along more moving sidewalks to CityWalk, Universal's dining, shopping, and entertainment venue. In CityWalk, you can continue straight ahead to Islands of Adventure or hang a sharp right and head for Universal Studios Florida.

Whichever park you choose to visit, you will cross a bridge over the artificial canal system that links the resort hotels to the parks and arrive at an attractive entrance plaza where you will find a row of ticket windows and, nearby, a Guest Services window, of which more later. Once inside the park gate, be sure to pick up a 2-Park Guide Map from the racks just past the entrance. The large fold-out brochures contain maps of both parks and a listing of restaurants, shops, and helpful information such as the show times of many attractions.

On the front will be listed the parks' official opening and closing times and the dates for which the information is valid, which could be for just the day on which you receive it or for several days or weeks. If you forget to pick up a map at the entrance, you'll will find more near the cashier's desk in most shops throughout the parks.

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